Friendly, professional swing dance instruction in the Hudson Valley

New & Upcoming:

After wonderful, relaxing summer, I'm refreshed and rejuvenated and looking forward to a busy and exciting autumn. I love every season in the Hudson Valley!

Here's what's coming up in the fall:

Vanaver Caravan FallDance classes begin Sept. 22nd (parent meeting Sept. 18th). Positive, supportive Creative Movement classes for ages 4-12.

The next 'Swing with Emily Vanston' dance will be Saturday, Sept. 17th at the Hudson Valley Dance Depot. Join us for good times with great folks!

More info on fall swing dance classes coming soon. Stay tuned!

    Personal one-on-one instruction in your home or at a local studio

    Weekly group classes offered through a variety of partner studios

    Special one-off group workshops offered on a variety of subjects

    Fun evening social swing dances for all ages and experience levels

    Choreographed swing routines or private coaching for the big day

    Performances, choreography, and artistic collaboration of all kinds